GreenTech Homes Perth

UPVC Windows

A broad range of styles and accessories make our windows stand out with their sophisticated aesthetics.


The prestige of our windows comes from their quality of manufacturing and innovative, functional solutions, their security and energy-saving designs, the finesse in their profiles and precision of installation

Winergetic Premium Passive

  • Profile with 7 chambers
  • Construction depth 82m
  • Quadruple glazing
  • Class A++, Uw=0,59 W/m2k
  • Aerogel Technology

Winergetic Standard

  • Profile with 6 chambers
  • Construction depth 70mm
  • Double and triple glazing
  • Class A, Uw=1,2 – 0,9 W/m2k
  • Up to 22% more light
  • Refined aesthetics and functionality


  • Profile with 7 chambers
  • Construction depth 82mm
  • Double and triple glazing
  • Class A+, Uw=0,8-0,7 W/m2k

Sustainability and Quality 

  • UPVC profiles of the manufactured in A class reinforced with galvanised steel of a thickness up to 1.75 mm and with a closed shape (in the frame). UPVC is a recyclable material.
  • EPDM gaskets with a high resistance to atmospheric conditions
  • Up to a 10-year guarantee on selected components
  • Applying a glazing spacer made from one piece instead of four pieces greatly reduces the escape of Argon over the lifetime of the glazing unit.


  • Maco dESIGN+ hardware provided with mushroom striker plates
  • Handle with key lock protecting against opening from the outside
  • Anti-theft pane consisting of two 4mm-thick glass panes put together using several layers of transparent PVB foil; due to chamber structure it combines high thermal insulation parameters and increased security
  • Glazing packages made of tempered glass with improved resistance to breaking

Energy Saving

  • Innovative thermal reinforcement
  • Space-Block, minimizing the occurrence of thermal bridges while ensuring maximum rigidity
  • Triple glazing characterized by a thermal transfer coefficient Ug=0.5 or Ug=0.6 W/m2K
  • Innovative quadruple glazing characterized by a thermal transfer coefficient of Ug=0.4 when argon filled or Ug=0.3 when krypton filled
  • Specialized “warm fitting” improving heat transfer coefficient
  • New wider board under window sill provided with rubber gasket ensuring better thermal insulation


  • Windows in Colourful version with wood-like decorative foil on window frame internal surfaces visible after window opening allowing to maintain uniform colour and structure on the entire window surface
  • Rich offer of profiles
  • Wide range of colours and shapes including circles, arches, triangles, trapezoids
  • Advanced corner cleaning technology that allows for very precise and aesthetic welds
  • Invisible hinges available optionally in all systems
  • Decorative window hardware (handles, hinge covers and strikers)


Sliding window

The perfect solution for every kitchen. The window lets in fresh air without the need to open the sashes.

Pivot window

Offer large glazing even in cramped rooms where it is impossible to open a traditional window. Thanks to the fittings, it is possible to install the windows according to one’s preferences (at an angle of up to 45 degrees). In this way, it is not necessary to relocate the top or sill elements every time the window is opened. The special design also allows the window to be rotated by 180 degrees, which makes window cleaning easy as the external part of the window is in the room after rotation. Pivot windows may take non-standard shapes.

Anti-Burglary Fittings

The advanced anti-burglary fittings improve the level of protection against burglary by using i.e. RC1 or RC2 anti-burglary strikers (burglary resistance class according to the European Standard).


Passive lite of the window with floating mullion,  fitted with an espagnolette with concealed lever, lends the open window an exquisitely elegant appearance; the lever facilitates the handling of the sash and improves protection against uncontrolled closing. Additional multi-step tilt regulation by handle. Unique, patented„SAFE LOCATION” solution - a system of specially designed fitting elements that ensure the correct sash position in the window. The unique, octagonal mushroom cam works with frame strikers, providing an initial stage of protection, and its ergonomic shape, perfectly aligned with the frame strikers, enables comfortable handling of the sashes.

RC1 burglary resistance class

The anti-burglary fitting with RC1 burglary resistance class provides protection against forced entry (kicking, hitting, pulling out) by applying additional protection to each window corner and using a key lock handle.

RC2 burglary resistance class

The anti-burglary fitting with RC2 burglary resistance class improves protection against burglary with the use of force or tools. The fitting hinders entrance into the house through appropriately spaced mushroom striker plates, a key lock handle and the special P4 glass.

Maco dESIGN+ hardware

Unique oval fitting, evenly covered with the Silber-look coating. As a standard, the window is fitted with intelligent security cams, SafetyPlus striker plate, window tilt restrictor, mishandling device, microventillation and cutting edge handle. The advanced design of the window ensures comfort of use and complete peace of mind. Twin–Fit fitting option used for windows with a mobile pole, enables simultaneous opening of both casements with one handle.

Did you know... Advanced fittings with unique solutions guarantee the safety and comfort of use of the windows for many years.


Georgian Bars

In-glass or glued on the outside, available in a wide range of colours and widths.

dESIGN+ handle

Our handles are made of aluminium characterized by exceptional strength. Their elegant style and ergonomic shape decorate any window. dESIGN+ handle with modern shape complying with popular minimalistic trend, designed in cooperation with KISKA design. dESIGN+ handle is available in three options classic, with the button or with the key.

Win Step

A specially designed PVC threshold allowing unhindered access between internal and outside spaces.

Win Click

An element of fitting allowing for shutting the balcony door from outside without the need to close with an internal handle.


External and internal sills, of various dimensions and colours, resistant to high temperature and other atmospheric conditions.


Ensure proper air flow in rooms, increasing the comfort of living and preventing damp walls. 

Renovation frames

Accessories and additional equipment


Energy saving windowpane packages, which allow using large number of glass combinations:

safety, security, ornamental, tempered and many others.

Thermopane packages with panes covered with modern low-emission coatings improving energy balance of the whole house.

Our inhouse production of glazing units is based on modern scanners detecting even smallest material defects and glass impurities ensuring perfect glass in all our glazing. Glazing units with tempered glass with enhanced resistance to breaking.


Warmatec is a combination of perfect parameters and aesthetic values. It is composed of two materials – its lower part is made of stainless steel, whereas its upper part is a synthetic polymer with low thermal conductivity. This limits the generation of thermal bridges at points where the glass contacts the frame, and consequently reduces the Uw coefficient for the entire window. It can be applied in all our window systems.


Gaskets in colours adjusted to the frame colour, of high resistance to atmospheric conditions: humidity, steam and UV radiation. 

Thanks to renovation frames, it is possible to replace windows with no extra finishing work after installation. They are mounted on old frames, so it is feasible to replace them without any interference in the structure of the building. Old frames are covered from the inside of the room by means of a distinctive “n” which, by facing the internal wall, forms an elegant design. The use of special reinforcements ensures suitable resistance and durability also in the case of large glazing.