GreenTech Homes Perth

Rain Water Harvesting

Rainwater is water harvested directly from the roofs of domestic or commercial buildings and captured in rainwater tanks.

Rainwater availability is seasonal, and the Perth climate has large variations of rainfall that is high in winter when watering demand is low and low in summer when demand is high. To optimise the full potential of rainwater as a water source (in Perth) the rainwater system should be plumbed into the building for non-drinking purposes, such as in laundries and toilets.

On average, a roof area of 100 m2 (approximately 50 per cent of an average house in Perth) can collect about 50 000 litres of water a year when plumbed for internal and external use. With an appropriately sized rainwater tank this could supply up to 20 per cent of a household's water needs

With rising water rates domestic and industry users are seeking ways to minimise water costs whilst ensuring a dependable water supply. Greentech Homes offer an extensive range of underground rainwater harvesting and water storage systems suitable for potable and non-potable use to address the challenges associated with water shortages and increasing water prices


Features & Benefits:

  • Reduced water charges: tank acts as a reserve during periods of water shortages
  • Tank installation: Unlike other tanks which require concrete back-fill, our underground tanks can be back-filled with pea-gravel minimising the cost of installation
  • Installation in tight spaces: If space is tight or restricted the tank(s) can be assembled on-site (assembly instructions provided)
  • Water yield: The basket filters supplied with this system provide a 100% water yield (i.e. all of the water that flows via the downpipes into the tank will be harvested)
  • Automatic Mains-back-up systems ensure a continuous supply of water, even in the event of a power-cut.
  • A Pressure Vessel ensures that the pump is not activated every time someone flushes a toilet or uses a small amount of water from an outdoor tap for example. This helps to prolong the life of the pump.

Integrated filter technology packages suitable for house or garden applications

  • Has the capacity to resist vehicle loads ( trafficable & Non trafficable lids )
  • Low weight – making it easy to transport
  • Modular Design – can be extended in any way
  • Extremely strong and durable
  • Tank warranty – 10 years