GreenTech Homes Perth

Roller Shutters

GreenTech roller shutters provide household members with security and an intimate atmosphere, energy savings and ease of use.

Their aesthetics and top manufacturing quality guarantee their long and reliable use.



Closed shutters not only protect against the inquisitive eyes of neighbours, but also are a barrier stopping unwanted noise coming from the outside. The resulting intimate atmosphere guarantees comfort and relaxation to household members.


Comfort and functionality 

Automated roller shutters ensure maximum comfort of use. They’re easy and user-friendly, and automatic timers and atmospheric condition sensors require no e ort on the part of household members.



GreenTech roller shutters can be fitted with security features preventing the lifting of the shutter curtains from the outside which additionally protects the house against burglary – a lowered shutter discourages potential burglars.


GreenTech shutter systems may be installed in such a way that the shutter boxes are almost invisible. A wide range of available colours ensures that the shutters match other company products and the facade perfectly.

Roller shutter

This system is designed to be mounted on top of the window and installed as a complete unit in the window opening. A layer of insulation, which prevents heat loss is inside the box of the PVC roller shutter. The inspection (service) flap is then located at the bottom of the roller shutter, which allows for it being built-over on both sides. This guarantees top aesthetics.

  • can be fitted in new and existing buildings (in the latter case, only when replacing windows)
  • exceptionally “warm installation” in profiles widening the window frame, with a thermal permeability coefficient of U=0.5 W/m2
  • roller shutter can be completely built over (except for the service flap)
  • an additional option of securing the roller shutters with automatic bolts or blocking hangers

The only product on the market which has top heat-insulating parameters. The system utilized in the windows (roller-blinds mounted in the window recess, once the assembly has been completed) means they become part of the wall. Heat-insulating properties better than in the case of standard solutions (0.8 instead of 1.1 W/m2k). The aluminum slats of the curtain  are corrugated on both sides which increases its aesthetic value.

  • can be fitted in both existing and new buildings
  • wired control system
  • possibility to use additional protection by means of automatic bolts or locking stands
  • an optional solar-powered drive

This system is designed for mounting on the external part  of the window or the wall of a building. Boxes and curtains  are made of solid, powder coated aluminium, guaranteeing  long and problem-free use of the  roller shutters. The Terra roller shutter is available in a number of colours, which allows it to be matched to the exterior of the building.

  • can be fitted in both existing and new buildings
  • high quality of all elements
  • acoustic properties confirmed with certificates


Openers and control

Roller shutter control has never been easier. Opening and closing is possible by pressing one button  on a wall-switch or remote (wireless radio) control unit.

An interesting solution is also a touch-operated (sensory) switch or remote control unit with twoway communication. In the latter case, after sending a command remote control displays feedback information confirming that required operation has been executed.

As a result of installing automation, roller shutters may be operated with a remote control unit or a wall mounted switch.  Additionally they may become part of an integrated management system controlling many devices depending on user’s requirements and weather conditions. Electric operation of a roller shutter is very advantageous, guaranteeing e.g. energy saving or comfort of use.

We spare no effort to make our products as environment-friendly and energy saving as possible. In our offer we also have an option of an equipment operator powered by solar energy. It is also an ideal solution if there is no access to a standard electrical system 230V / 50Hz.


  • RTS radio control system
  • open type system, which allows extending an existing control system at any moment
  • guaranteed range: 200 m in an open area and 20 m through two reinforced concrete walls


  • individual control: key button switches, central and timer automatics equipment
  • possibility to add operation via a remote control unit by simple replacement of a switch with a built-in radio receiver